zeroedge ico 2 - ZeroEdge.Bet Online Casino Will Launch Its Second Pre-ICO Offering a 58% Discount Bonus

ZeroEdge.Bet Online Casino Will Launch Its Second Pre-ICO Offering a 58% Discount Bonus, a unique blockchain based casino platform will be launching the second part of their ICO on the 1st of June.

The platform is a unique concept that’s set to revolutionize the gaming industry. At the moment, online casino games come with house edges, which a casino uses as an advantage over the players, generally between 1% – 10% and sometimes more, depending on the game. With ZeroEdge, games are at 0% house edge, and every player is given a fair chance at winning. Unlike other traditional casinos, it’s entirely free to play at ZeroEdge.Bet and no fee has to be paid to the casino.

The value of the Zerocoin rises as there is an increased demand as more people get on the platform. By creating a closed-loop economy in which there’s high demand for 0% games, ZeroEdge.Bet aims to drive the value of its tokens up.

With the Zero Edge’s unique gambling model, players won’t be losing money instead would gain the value of the Zerocoin increases. This is going to change the $70 billion online gaming industry.

ZeroEdge.Bet did a survey and asking hundreds of participants on their view on 0% house edge games, and 99% of them were more than willing to play such games if it ever existed. Based on that result, the high demand for 0% house edge will raise the value of the Zerocoin tokens in no time. Zero Edge is, therefore, focusing on educating the players on the advantage of this platform. Zerocoin also benefits those who would love to own their Casinos on the blockchain through the Zerocoin.Bet website, making the Zerocoin the standard cryptocurrency for the online gaming platform.

zeroedge casino img - ZeroEdge.Bet Online Casino Will Launch Its Second Pre-ICO Offering a 58% Discount Bonus

ZeroEdge.Bet – First Of Its Kind Platform That Offers 0% House Edge Games

The Zerocoin (ZERO) Token would be available to investors during the ICO as scheduled. To participate, visit

The token will be native to the ZeroEdge.Bet where users will be able to use the tokens to play 0% house edge games which include Blackjack, Video Poker games and much more. The ZERO token will also be used to place bets on the platform’s decentralized exchange for sports betting which is to be launched sometime in the fourth quarter of 2018. Also, in their development plan is the development of a poker room and an open source platform which is used for building and operating customized games for which the tokens are required.

What makes the ZeroEdge.Bet platform standout from other gambling-related ICO’s is their advisory board and a strong team of tech experts with many years of experience in the gambling industry.

“We can see why other blockchain-based gambling projects haven’t penetrated the market, so we want to come in well-prepared to be among the first to do this. We believe the experienced team and accomplished advisors are the keys here,” said Adrian Casey, CEO of

“Zero Edge offers a unique gambling model which potentially could revolutionize the $70 Billion gambling industry. Players won’t be losing money but instead earning from the increasing Zerocoin value. Our ultimate goal is to become a leading gambling platform in the online gambling industry where thousands of different games are played each day using Zerocoin and where players have the best chance of winning,” – added Adrian.