zerocoin how blockchain - Using Blockchain To Solve Problems Of Online Gambling Platforms

Using Blockchain To Solve Problems Of Online Gambling Platforms

Blockchain Casinos and How They Work

Blockchain casinos are increasingly becoming known on the internet and, here’s a quick crash course if you’ve just discovered the term ‘blockchains’, what they are and how blockchain casinos operate. Firstly, you need to understand what blockchains are. Most importantly, a blockchain is a digital ledger that is used to record online transactions that use cryptocurrencies. The transactions are recorded sequentially and are available publicly.

Furthermore, the principle and process can be applied to online casino gambling. This gives you the emergence of so-called blockchain casinos, which applies blockchain technology to online gambling. The effect of this is that it gives an entirely new openness and credibility to online gambling.

How Blockchain Technology Soves Online Casinos Related Problems

To recapitulate, neutral entities known as blocks are used to build blockchain technology. Every block is linked together in a network which is known as a blockchain. The way in which blockchains are configured, any record (transaction) that passes through the chain needs to have the accurate value in each block. This makes it possible for a much higher level of fairness (neutrality) and accuracy, as well as transparency.

One of the biggest challenge associated with traditional online casinos is that not all of them are revealed. In other words, lots of online casinos where essential data, such as gaming results, winnings, payouts, and lots more, are deliberately kept away or partially veiled from public scrutiny. Nevertheless, blockchain casinos are an entirely new breed of online casino and are completely decentralised, with no need for a third-party to verify transactions. These enable the ultimate fair and transparent system for the online casino industry.

Many gamblers are not enlightened that playing at a casino is a significant mathematical disadvantage and they have no chance of succeeding against the casino in the long run. The term “house edge” describes the fixed interest of money that casinos take from players on the platform, on average. With house edges and players able to keep playing, with time they will emerge winners. The house edge is a kind of commercial gambling, and that means as you play over time, the more you lose. It’s possible you win a few times at first, but the diversity will soon do its job and take back what belongs to the house.

zerocoin how blockchain 2 - Using Blockchain To Solve Problems Of Online Gambling Platforms

How The Zeroedge Online Casino Gaming Platform Works

Zeroedge is a new cryptocurrency-based online casino with an exception. This excellent platform makes use of its very own cryptocurrency; ZeroCoin, which happens to the only way to play the best casino games accessible at Zeroedge Casino. The advantage of this (and one of its most significant selling points) is that Zeroedge Casino offers all players an actual 0% house edge gaming experience.

This means that major casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and slots, available at Zeroedge Casino will have no advantage for the house, unlike favourite online casinos. With most conventional online casinos, players often face up to 10% house edge in many casino games. The purpose behind this is that with a traditional online casino can turn a profit, by stacking the odds in their favour.

Zeroedge stands out dreaded house edge because they do not take their gains from the losses of their players. Instead, Zeroedge is centring on generating a profit from rising value of ZeroCoin which grows due to demand 0% edge games. Simply put, the ultimate solution to the challenge is creating a platform where playing games are “totally free”. Players are not expected to pay any fixed amount to be able to play at the casino. This can only be realised by creating a closed loop-economy with its native token. Making the supply of token limited, its value is directly proportional to demand. This model permits a 0% offer house edge games and is a viable business model.

Zerocoin (ZERO) would be made available to investors sometime during the upcoming ICO. To find out more, click here: