UNICEF Australia Allows Users to Mine Cryptocurrencies and Donate the Earnings

Surprisingly, UNICEF Australia announced that users are able to give their computer’s processing power in order to mine virtual currencies and donate the earnings. These are great news for UNICEF and for individuals that would like to help the United Nations program get funded.

Mine Cryptocurrencies for UNICEF

If you would like to help UNICEF Australia, you can do so by mining virtual currencies from your home. You do not need to buy any special equipment, but you can just do it with the power of your computer.

UNICEF Australia wrote in Twitter on April the 29th:

“We’re excited to launch The Hopepage. This innovative website allows you to easily donate some of your computer processing power to generate #cryptocurrency and fund life-saving aid for children in crisis. #UNICEF #ForEveryChild thehopepage.org

When you enter the website you will be able to start donating a part of the processing power that your computer is not using. In this way, you will not have to do more than just select the amount of processing power you want to donate. Bitcoin Australia

Tony Andres Tang, digital brand and content manager of UNICEF Australia, commented:

“The HopePage is entirely user initiated, and they have the ultimate power to decide whether to participate or not.”

The page is powered by CoinHive, a company that provides websites the possibility to use the CPU power of their visitors to mine virtual currencies. In the past, CoinHive has been in the news due to the fact that hackers decided to use their software to secretly mine cryptocurrencies in important websites.

Sites like YouTube were infected by CoinHive’s software and people watching videos in the famous network were also mining cryptocurrencies without knowing that.

Of course, CoinHive has always explained that their software was intended for good purposes like the one UNICEF is now promoting. CoinHive was created to help website owners to monetize their site with less intrusive ads. UNICEF advices that it may be necessary to disable any ad-block extension or anti virus products.