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Tron Keeps Rolling; More Updates And Five New Exchanges

Tron (TRX) just keeps making news. The famous blockchain network and cryptocurrency has been added to five new virtual currency exchanges. Additionally, TRX has been launched on the cryptocurrency wallet and exchange Abra.

Tron Added to Five New Exchanges

As of this week, TRX has been added to KuCoin, Exrates from Indonesia, CoinExMarket from the UK, and ChangeHero.

Furthermore, Abra is now supporting TRX. With the application, users can monitor crypto portfolios, buy, sell, store and also trade virtual currencies.

Additionally, Tron has released the latest platform update. This update gives information about the work that the team is doing, new partnerships and more.

As per the report, Tron has improved storage and developed order-guaranteeing feature for block broadcasting. Moreover, the team was able to improve mechanism-related documentation.

In the future, developers will be working to improve test cases, design multiple signature schemes and be focused on UPnP design.

In addition to it, TRON and Binance held a trading competition with 1 million TRX to give away. If this was not enough, Tron has established a partnership with C&P allowing fans from all over the world to use TRX and get merchandise from the WeChat store.

On September 3, the Chinese version of uTorrent Web was launched. BitTorrent will provide a decentralized online storage solution for TRON. At the same time, it would be possible to maintain its existing product lines.

The blockchain network has also written that other media groups around the world are talking very positive about Tron. For example,, published an article in which they mention that TRX would surpass BTC and ETH.

The article reads as follows:

“The generation of BTC and ETH is controlled by large mining pools, yet TRON looks better than both. The 27 TRON Super Representatives (SRs) have equal voting rights. In addition, the TRON Foundation will not interfere with the election process, let alone participating in the election.”

Tron is currently the 13th virtual currency by market capitalization ($1.2 billion dollars). Each token can be bought for $0.0183. In the last 24 hours it registered a negative growth of 5.59%.


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