May 1, 2018
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Trading Sensory Data the Ethical Way, DataBroker DAO Trots the World

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Relevant data acquisition is key for researchers and data crunching organizations. Yet, access to required data is a daunting task. Reaching out to individuals from different demographics can be tedious.

Data buyers turn towards Big Data corporations that collect and hold data from different sensory devices, ranging from IoT to mobile phones. Treating data like a precious commodity, suppliers demand a steep price. The means of data collection by these corporations is also highly questionable. Asking users to hand over their data in exchange for its services, though legal, makes it highly unethical.

DataBroker DAO’s Ethical Marketplace

DataBroker DAO offers data buyers and sellers a single platform to connect directly, like a P2P system, and exchange data. The seller is an actual owner of a sensory device. This means that the seller is the true owner of the data being exchanged. This eliminates the middleman (AKA Big Data organizations), since their services and ethically questionable practices are no longer required.

Without the heavy fees, the data is available to buyers at a much cheaper rate. Buying data directly from the source means high quality, relevant information is acquired. The seller is compensated since his or her data would have been sold without knowledge, or ever giving a cut of the sales, by Big Data.

Using the power of blockchain, DataBroker DAO gives control and security to every transaction, meaning data is available for to those whom the seller only wishes to sell. Control over data means that only that is given, which the owner gives permission to.

Connecting Globally

DataBroker DAO is on a mission of meeting and connecting with people and organizations who make a big impact in the blockchain world. The team has a heavy schedule for the rest of the year:

  • May 2-3: Future Blockchain Summit, Dubai.
  • May 3: FPA Connects, Dubai.
  • May 2-5: AND& Festival, Louvain, Belgium.
  • May 3-4: Arch Blockchain Summit, Luxembourg,
  • May 3-4: Blockchain in Health, London, UK.
  • May 12-13: World Satoshi Summit, New Delhi, India.
  • June 6: IOT Smart Cities Convention Europe, Antwerp, Belgium.
  • June 11-14: MoneyConf, Dublin, Ireland.
  • July 9-13: Rise Conference, Hong Kong, China.
  • October 22-25: SIBOS, Sydney, Australia.

Apart from these dates, the team has already attended five different forums and summits in April, from Dubai to Spain. The interaction with movers and shakers in the decentralization world allows them to showcase their platform, letting people know what services they deliver in a moral and ethical way.

DataBroker And Its TGE

The DTX, internal ERC20 token of DataBroker DAO, is running its TGE that will last till 26th May, 2018. The DTX can be acquired by investors by donating a minimum 1 ETH for 4000 DTX. Backers are also offered a 5% bonus on every confirmed referral.

The DTX enables instant monetization of data traded on the platform, enabling sensory device owners to truly earn money from the data their devices generate.

For more information on DataBroker DAO, visit their website:

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