The New Type Of Apps That Appeared Since The Cryptocurrency Boom

The evolution of Bitcoin technology has brought about lots of applications that have made our lives easy and also helped enhanced the way we interact or view the Bitcoin as a technology.

Same way the web browser was considered a disruptive application for the internet some two decades ago, the following bitcoin apps have been developed to help with storing, monitoring, and getting information about current happenings in regards to bitcoin and related technologies.

Here is just a short list out of thousands of applications already in existence and more adding up to the list on daily bases.

CryptoControl Web and Mobile Application

This is one of the best apps that provides most valuable information from around the web, giving you detailed information on the trend in the cryptocurrency market. The platform offers both web interface and smartphone app for its users and provides them the ability to view articles on their favorite cryptocurrency as well as monitoring price movements of various assets.

The cryptocurrency market is yet the most volatile and influenced by news events. Articles on cryptocurrency regulations can cause a sudden turn in price for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Being ahead of the crowd knowing the cause of increase or decrease in value of a particular asset at any giving time depends on the latest buzz surrounding the asset you have access to, and CryptoControl brings you all the information required.

Using the application is very straightforward. Users are able to view a list of articles sorted by dates and with a price chart at the top corner of the page, users are able to associate events in the cryptocurrency world with a shift in price movements on the market. Articles previewed on the CryptoControl app loads in another window in the bottom panel with a link to its source.

CryptoControl is, for now, the best solution to the high volatility posed by the cryptocurrency market. When looking for a place to access all current happenings in the crypto world at a glance then look no further, Crypto Control is your best option.

The CryptoControl application can be accessed through your web browser for free. You can also download the application for your Android and IOS.

Enjin Wallet

The Enjin Wallet is a mobile compatible wallet for Bitcoins and other alternative cryptocurrencies that is restricted to Litecoin, Enjin Coins, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. The application implements top-notch security features, making use of security techniques such as the customized Enjin Secure Keyboard and also other features which turns your smartphone device into a hardware secure wallet.

The Enjin wallet also have an easy to use interface that allows users view, manage and also sort tokens easily. The wallet also generates a 12-word seed that’s not copyable, this gives your wallet that extra protection as seed keys can’t be copied from the clipboard.

It is important to note that without the evolution of Bitcoin and also the security issues faced by the new technology, the Enjin wallet might have not been available.

The Enjin Wallet is available for download on their official site for your Android and IOS mobile devices. Click here to download.

Blockfolio Portfolio Management Application

The Blockfolio Application is an asset management application for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. It helps keep track of price movement and how assets invested in are doing; either rising in value or falling at any point in time.

Before the development of applications such as this, investors have a hard time monitoring their assets or simply having to check Bitcoin and alternative currencies price across multiple exchanges. They probably have to look up multiple sites to also access their accounts on multiple exchanges before they are able to know how much profit they’ve made.

The Blockfolio manager makes it so much easy for investors to see all the information they require at one glance. Therefore, there’s no need to spend hours trying to monitor the markets, it can all be done from the palm of your hands, wherever you are.

The Blockfolio Portfolio manager is free to download tool for both Android and IOS.


Thousands of applications are being developed daily but these are but a few of those that have real-world use cases. Ranging from you having to store your cryptocurrency assets, monitoring, or glancing through market influencing data, the list above is your top choices as they are specially crafted to making your cryptocurrency journey easy.