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Sony Ready to Use Blockchain Technology and Store Digital Rights Data

The international technological company Sony, has developed a patent that allows users to store digital rights on a blockchain. The intention is to address content rights management using distributed ledger technology. The application has been filed by two companies, Sony and Sony Pictures Entertainment the past Thursday.

Sony Fills Patent for Storing Data on the Blockchain

The application has been created to allow the company address content rights management using blockchain technology. The application filed by Sony reads as follows:

“For interoperability, many current DRM solutions typically require a rights locker or other common storage that is managed by a vendor or a group of vendors. However, these conventional solutions may not be very reliable and rely on one unique point of failure. If the rights locker provider or system goes out of business or otherwise fails, the user loses all the acquired content.”

The patent application explains that the system will be prepared to include a secure system that will allow the user to access the required data with the credentials generated. The user will acquire rights to content which will be committed to the blockchain. Each user’s rights will be encoded on a specific blockchain. Sony 2 300x300 - Sony Ready to Use Blockchain Technology and Store Digital Rights Data

There are several companies that have decided to work with blockchain technology. All of them have decided to do so for different reasons and with different intentions.

Just to mention some of them, JD.com, one of the most important e-commerce platforms in China has decided to implement a blockchain technology system that would allow the company to track food shipments. In this way, there will be a tightened control on food and similar goods which could be infected or not in good condition.

Blockchain technology is helping not only enterprises, but also governments. The main solutions that blockchain offers are fast and secure payments and transactions, efficient and secure way to store data, and many other uses. Sony is just moving towards it, but other companies have decided to embrace it even before the boom in virtual currencies.

Image: Sony