Jul 24, 2018
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Setting the Standard for Crypto-Exchanges, BINEX.TRADE Launches Alpha Platform

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As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to grow, as well as crypto-exchanges, it becomes quite tricky to pick out an exchange that perfectly meets your needs, it all depends on what you want to do with your new digital tokens.

Crypto-Exchange Evolution

At this point in the industry, exchanges are ramping up their offerings in a variety of ways. Some are merging traditional financial tools with cryptocurrencies, offering payment instruments and investment options, others are utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create passive income through complex machine-learning algorithms.

These innovations on exchanges are wonderfully adventurous and display the tenacity of blockchains ability to upgrade and improve upon pre-existing models at a ferocious pace. Even for the hobbyist or serious traders who are seeking an exchange with advanced and versatile trading tools, as well as long-term user benefits, platforms are appearing that demonstrate the cutting edge of crypto-trading excellence.

An Exchange with Traders In Mind

If you have been keeping up with exchange industry developments, you’ll have heard the BINEX exchange has finally launched their Alpha platform to test the exchanges live performance with traders.

BINEX went live on Tuesday, 17th of July, and unveiled the robust alpha platform to the Binex Family; 85,000 early adopters who get the pleasure of testing the basic features and informing the fine-tuning of the advanced features when the Beta version rolls around.

Before we get into the advanced features, a significant part of the BINEX success story is that users that hold the platforms native token BEX receive a phenomenal revenue share, which is 70% of the daily trading commission, and that is distributed on a daily basis.

The New Crypto Trading Benchmark

Advanced Trading Features – For users who like to keep a watchful eye on price trends within their holdings, there are daily, weekly and monthly reports are available to help keep track of earnings. Furthermore, an analytics dashboard is there to enable users to build a strategic portfolio, better informing future trades.

Leveraged Trades – Features such as margin trading enables users to leverage trade quantity and profits; on the BINEX exchange, users can open a position at a 2 to 3 times leveraged amount in margin trading. There’s also an automatic-exit feature which closes positions at efficient rates.

Liquidity and Volatility Control – Market Volatility is something traders anticipate, however, BINEX is said to ensure the management of this to secure trader interest. Furthermore, through continuous monitoring of transactions, BINEX eliminates Liquidity Risk; the higher the liquidity on the exchange, the better value it provides for users and allows for faster transactions.

Security – Having a high-end security system is a must, BINEX comes with all the traditional staples such as 2 Factor Authentication, Captcha, Email verification etc, it also secures transactions with a two-level encryption at the Database and API level.

BINEX.TRADE is an exchange with a bountiful promise for its users, the features as mentioned earlier are just the beginning of what this exchange has to offer traders. BINEX is also offering 1000 of its revenue share token BEX to users who report a bug on the Alpha release.

To find out more, head to the official BINEX.TRADE website.

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