Rippleyte Token Sale - RippleByte is launching Token Sale on May 15th but what RippleByte is all about?

RippleByte is launching Token Sale on May 15th but what RippleByte is all about?

While browsing cryptocurrency news on Thursday morning, my eyes caught up the term “RippleByte” and “XRD ICO”. At first, it appears as similar as Ripple and XRP but when I began exploring, it said to have more interesting concept as against preset ripple currency.

What is RippleByte?

With decentralized framework, RippleByte or XRD is a new cryptocurrency, designed to serve decentralized payment solutions to the users across the world. The platform claims to have more secured and protected cryptography with limited tokens on sale. Subsequent to its limited token application, RippleByte has set out its crowdfunding process as early as May 15th 2018. The XRD ICO will continue for the period of 15 days, commencing from 15th May and ending up on 30th May.

Coin Symbol – XRD

Total Supply – 16 Million

Initial supply – 5.5 Million

XRD token value – starts from $0.10

Duration – 15 days

Date – 15th May – 30th May

Since the start of 2017, cryptocurrency and ICOs are on growing point of financial market, and investors have plenty of options available to diversify their income. According to reputed media sources like TheMerkle, Coinpedia,  Decentralized Tv, ICOCLAP , RippleByte would be a good platform to double up the volume of your surplus income.

Trading and Free Token Earning Programs

Visiting RippleByte official website can give you open register option to purchase XRD or to earn free tokens. In order to purchase XRD token, you must first login to its dashboard and Add the number of BTC as equivalent to the number of XRD you wish to purchase. As soon as you confirm the payment of order, respective XRD tokens will be credited to your XRD wallet.

Free Tokens Earning Program

Beside purchasing XRD tokens, users can earn free tokens by simply attempting the task described in dashboard. There are various campaigns designed to let users earn free XRD tokens;

Twitter Bounty campaign

Medium Writing Campaign

Steemit Writing Program

Instagram Following and Story setting

BitcoinTalk Signature Settings

Reddit Posting and Commenting

More details about the Bounty campaign can be found here –

Few Benefits that I like Most!

Bonus Tokens on Registration – There are 10 Bonus tokens for users if he/she registered to RippleByte

Secrete Purchase Offer during registration  – You will get offer code which will be applicable at the time of purchase

One unconfirmed tokens during registration – It will get confirmed upon KYC Verification

5 Referral Tokens – Refer a user and earn 5 referral tokens if the referred user get registered with Ripplebyte using your unique referral code.

Register with this link to earn free tokens –

Final Thought

It is pretty sure that the name “RippleByte” itself is creating a huge impact across cryptocurrency world. RippleByte with XRD token sale is likely to create a positive impact of decentralized currency throughout the blockchain industry.

If you want to know more about RippleByte, visit its official website –

Or follow XRD on Twitter –