Kind Ads1 - Kind Ads Review - Decentralized Platform for Domains and Publishers

Kind Ads Review – Decentralized Platform for Domains and Publishers

As blogs expand and websites start getting more and more visitors, it becomes difficult for their owners to sustain it. The costs increase and they do not earn the necessary amount of money to pay for the increased maintenance costs. Moreover, people cannot go advertiser by advertiser asking whether they would like to place commercial ads in their websites or blogs.

It is much easier to join an ad network and let it do the whole work. The blog receives ads, but the network takes high fees and consumes an important part of the total revenue. In addition to it, the ads that are placed on the site could be not interesting for the website’s visitors, leading to unsatisfied viewers. And in some cases, the ads could even be infected with malware.

But there is a solution to all these problems: Kind Ads. Kind Ads is a live and active advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads without taking any middleman fees. With Kind Ads, not only do advertisers save money, but publishers keep more of it.

Kind Ads envisions a world that is more enjoyable for users and more profitable for bloggers and interested websites. Publishers get rewarded for their quality publications, while advertisers find the best place to show their ads.

Kind Ads’ team is working in order to build a platform in which people will make more money with less intrusive ads. The intention is to make effective the way ads are displayed to visitors. But more important, everything can be achieved without any middleman or fees.

Token Economy (KIND)

The platform will be powered by the Kind Ads (KIND) token. The ERC-20 token has different uses in the platform. It can be used by users to opt in and out of the Kind Ads Ecosystem. At the same time, it will be used by advertisers to buy ads from publishers on the network. It will also be sued to pay publishers every single day (not delayed payments as most of the advertising platforms). Additionally, the KIND token will be allocated to daily reward pool for publishers and app providers.

Team and Advisors

The company has a great team of experts with experience in the advertising industry.

The Co-founder of Kind Ads is Saulo Madeiors. He is also co-founder of NPBR LTDA, an important agency that helps large corporations with their digital market needs. They are currently helping clients around the world to spend over $100,000,000 dollars a year on marketing.

The director of operations is Rafael Mayrink, co-founder and director of operations at NPBR International LTDA, as well. Rafael’s mission is to ensure that the company has proper operational controls, and a reporting structure.

The leading Blockchain developer is Jaime Sanchez, an IT professional and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He worked at Microsoft for 12 years helping companies in the Latin American market to create scalable cloud solutions.

Another important member of the team is Caio Beleza, the Digital Marketing Specialist and partner of BPBR International LTDA. He makes sure that companies grow their revenue through digital marketing.

Part of the team of advisors are Neil Patel, Saber Aria, Trevor Korevko, and many others. They are CEOs and Founders of companies like QuickSrpout, BeyondBlocks, and Polymath.

Virtual Summit

Kind Ads will be hosting their Virtual Summit during the first week of May (May the 4th). This will be the world’s largest crypto summit that will be featuring 10 speakers and industry leaders from all the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The tickets are free and available from Participants can win amazing prices, including a solid gold bitcoin bracelet, silver bitcoin bracelets, and 100 Trezors.


Kind Ads is trying to revolutionize the way advertisers and publishers interact with each other. The team behind Kind Ads has a wide experience in marketing campaigns and perfectly know how the industry works. The product they have built and keep developing is very solid and has everything what it needs to be successful.

The roadmap is very clear and they have already achieved important steps in order to promote their product and services. The company has plans until 2019 and beyond and has integrated with important companies like Mailchimp and Subscribers.