Bloomatch – It’s not just a new dating app

We all are finding a perfect partner for ourselves. We all want to spend our lives together forever. But, the traditional ways do not necessarily work for us always it is the 21st century, and we all belong to the millennial age. Now, the point is, why do we decide old school style when we have a modern solution? The new century demands new ways. In today’s world, we want to meet first and marry later, but dating applications are not always the best solution available on the market because everyone is not always serious. We all think differently and choose differently.

The next generation needs a next-gen solution, and Bloomatch is the new and upcoming product that provisions a solution to the existing dating standards online. Bloomatch uses a blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology to make users meeting experience optimum. The most common issue that we all come across while dating on an online dating application is that it just stops at dating. But, most of us want a partnership, where we all are trying to find our perfect match.

Bloomatch is a product, which is not simply a dating app; it is a platform for serious matchmaking through the new age technological support. The blockchain technology helps you fix a public log, which is termed as ‘notebook,’ where everything is kept purely transparent. The application form will help you find a group of people who have similar interests like yourself and then will do its magic through the applied algorithmic strategy. The strategy will help you fetch a ‘pool’ of people, who have similar interests as yours through the ‘keywords’ that highlight your profile and are common to other users.

The artificial intelligence makes the system automated and works in depth to find you, your perfect match. You do not date here; you meet to find a partner through Bloomatch. The transparency of the system is what makes it unique because it provides a secure solution to serious matchmaking. The blockchain technology facilitates a public ledger, which helps all the users’ full knowledge about the activities among the members of the pool. At the same time also establishes proof of any spam that might be taking place inside the pool. Therefore, everyone has voting rights if they find any unethical activity happening in the system.

The everyday dating applications we use, provide minimum information and even fewer features that can help us find a compatible match. Therefore, we so often end up feeling dejected and disheartened. 100 percent of the millennials are trying to find serious compatible matches online, but are unable to do so because of the limitations of the system. The problem is the line that stands between the real world experience and the online dating experience, which can never come to match with one another. The feeling of meeting one-to-one against meeting on skype restricts our parameters to meet our soul-mate.

With Bloomatch all the boundaries and the limitations that come with it vanishes, here the virtual reality comes to work and helps you meet in real-time, and with real-world experience. The Virtual Reality feature resolves one of the major reasons, why people are unable to survive the long-distance relationships.

The predominantly algorithmic system provides one with the perfect combination of the ‘science of love.’ It is not just dating but serious couple’s matchmaking application, which helps you find a perfect match through the only artificial intelligence and blockchain based matchmaking application product.