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Yondo ICO To Revolutionize Online Video With Artificial Intelligence

Named by Forbes as one of“Top 9 Must-Have Online Tools” along with Google Docs, Slack and Mailchimp (1).  The most advanced all-in-one ecommerce video platform, Yondo, brings AI and blockchain to online video.

The most advanced ecommerce video platform is about to get a whole lot more advanced. Yondo helps to incorporate video in the marketing mechanism in few clicks. The platform is available for e-commerce retailers located in 114 countries and can be integrated with over 30 of the world’s top e-commerce services and platforms. This has led to Yondo’s business growth of over 200% during the last 6-months and the following tech upgrades:

AI-based video. AI implementation will create a fundamental shift in the way that online video is produced, distributed and watched. For each video, a specially-developed video bot will be able to provide users with serious interactivity as the video is playing, including video-control commands, information generation and business promotion.

Blockchain network. Blockchain tech will stratify the back-up AI-based technology and decentralize computing for the platform. In addition, blockchain technology will make payment transactions transparent, reduce fees and serve as a platform for Yondo loyalty programs. Smart Contract functionality will also be based on blockchain network.

All business owners have to do is to provide content and Yondo does the rest, including embedding video and managing automated emails for session confirmations and reminders. That’s about to get much more profitable and simple for business owners with this new tech.

Yondo Tokens promises strong growth as they will be widely used within the already popular platform and directly connected to the company rewards system. Learn more about YON distribution in Yondo’s White Paper.

If you’re on the lookout for an incredible product with limitless potential that is already working, then Yondo is your ICO of choice. Grasp the future of online video with Yondo’s presale.


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