Croatia - Bitcoin Store Opens in Croatia to Sell Cryptocurrencies for Cash

Bitcoin Store Opens in Croatia to Sell Cryptocurrencies for Cash

Virtual currencies keep expanding all over the world, and Croatia is not the exception. A Bitcoin store has opened in Croatia in order to sell bitcoin and other virtual currencies. The shop is one of the many steps that the country is taking in order to integrate to the crypto market.

Croatia Bitcoin Shop

It may be not so easy to buy Bitcoin for people that is not involved in the industry. The store is located in the Croatian city of Split, an important touristic destination for people from different parts of the world.

Croatian Flag
Croatian Flag

With this shop, more individuals will have access to cryptocurrencies in a very easy way. Moreover, it will be a good way to promote Bitcoin due to the fact that will make virtual currencies visible to all the tourist in the place.

The shop will be offering sales of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other important cryptocurrencies, as reported by Bitfalls.

The project has been presented by the Croatian crypto exchange Bitkonan, and decided to start its operations on Hrvatske Mornarice street. They will be offering a receipt and proof of purchase to the customers for easier individual tax reporting.

But this is not all. Bitkonan is planning to expand the shop to other cities in Croatia, including Zagreb and Rijeka. Further expansion plans include all major cities depending on the demand.

Croatian Self-Regulatory Body

Croatia has decided to create a self regulatory body known as UBIK. The main goal of this blockchain and crypto regulatory body, is to spread the knowledge about these technologies and how they can influence the life of many Croatian citizens.

The agency has ben registered on February the 13th and started its operations on February the 17th, 2018. More than 70 members have decided to join UBIK and they expect that more will be ready to join soon. The main interests of the agency are related to taxation and regulations.

Croatia is showing a growing interest in virtual currencies and ICOs, and it is very important for investors and individuals to have a better regulatory framework operative in the country.

Image: Pixabay